Insects you may never have seen


I offer an exclusive amazing slideshow named The Small World. I have worked with it from my four years of travels in the Amazon jungle. The slide show is around 30 minutes long with 222 images of different insects and other small animal Such as lizards, frogs and snakes. The slideshow also contains seventeen picture from my visit to the Shiwiar.

The pictures you see on the website are some of the picture in the slideshow.

My slideshow is especially very useful to show up in institutions such as the Science Centre, the Insectarium, Butterfly House, University, Entomological Society, the Aquarium, the Tropicarium, the Oceanarium, Nature Center, Vivarium, Museum and the Animal Zoo. I sell my slideshow and give you the right to use it only within your institution and freely use it as many times as you want during one year.

Together with the slideshow you get for free a separate natural recorded audio file recorded live where you can hear birds, insect, frogs as a great symphony orchestra.

The slideshow of not resold copied and posted on the website.

If you are interesting in purchasing I can send you a demo PDF file were there's company name copyright in the image. The slideshow comes as a PDF file (Adobe Acrobat).

If interesting please fill contact form for download the demo slideshow for free.


Price information

Science Centre, Insectarium, Butterfly House, University, Aquarium, the Tropicarium, Oceanarium, Nature Center, Vivarium, Museum and Zoo Animal

Is dependent on the number of visitors.

0 - 100000 = $ 550

100000 - 300000 = $ 750

300000 - 500000 = $ 2,300

500 000 - 1000 000 = $ 3,800

> 1000 000 $ 8,300


University = $ 550 


Entomological Society = $ 550


Roy Andersen



To my great joy, I can also make personal visits and show my pictures to you.

The display consists of a 30 minute presentation in PDF format and as appropriate, show the images on the big screen with an exciting sound recording from the jungle

consists of insects, birds, frogs etc.

I live in southern Sweden, so quite naturally becomes my starting point here.

If interested visit please fill out the contact form and you will hear from me.

I am looking forward visiting you.

For swedish customers please visit Svenska Bildvisningskatalogen.

Roy Andersen