Insects you may never have seen

About Me

During my life I have visited almost 40 countries but it was only during the last decade that I found my favorite place on earth, the Amazon. This is where I could develop all of my interests in cultural contrasts and people's different ways of living in an incredible abundance of wildlife and marvelous nature. 

My experience is something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life and that is more than I ever could give back.

The Amazon for me is not only a green rainforest, but much more of a lifestyle. For people who live in these areas there is a daily struggle to survive, but one must not forget that there's also an unbelievably great joy of all these people that I have met during my travels.

My interest in photography started since I was a teenager when I got my first Kodak instamatic camera from my parents. I carried on at that road by studying landscaping construction, but it was not until the early 1990s, after my studies as a photographer, I started with photography at the professional level as a press photographer.

I lived for several years in Argentina and it became quite natural starting point for my trips to the Amazon. At this time digital cameras with high image quality arrived, which  sparked my interest in macro photography again. 

I have over the past four years made about two long trips a year to Bolivia and Ecuador and each time I visited the parts belonging to the Amazon.

On my first trip to Bolivia, I came in contact with Carlos Yarari who became my friend and guide for many trips. We traveled around Bolivia in one of the most remote and fantastic places where there was an incredible wildlife. I have been privileged to experience close up to hundreds of monkeys leaping in the trees to see tapir, capybara as incredible swimmers in the rivers and jaguars jump down from the trees next to us and not to mention all the ticks, mosquitoes and bees that have stung me.

The last trip I made, I lived together with Shiwiar tribe during a month. It was very interesting experience to share their daily life, make daily hunting walks and find small insects or other wildlife.

With my pictures, I try to share some of that incredibly beautifulness that exists in nature. I have put focus on the little things that are around us in the jungle that is not seen for short stays, but one needs a lot of time to discover.

My objective is to show a little of the richness, architectural, colorful diversity that exists around us in the Amazons different corners.



Roy Andersen